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[Veterans Street Flag Project]     What do Lester Avenue, Passmore Street and Staples Drive have in common?

    These streets and 20 others in Westwood have been named to honor residents of the Borough who served in the military during a time of war and were casualties of that conflict.
     For example, Staples Drive was named in honor of Clarence M. Staples.   Clarence Staples, the oldest of four children, was born in 1900 in Barbados, B.W.I. but was brought to the United States in 1908 by his parents, who soon thereafter settled in Westwood.   Clarence was too young to enlist in the U.S. military when war broke out in Europe in 1914, but he soon enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces.   While a member of the Canadian forces, he served in Europe during World War I and was a casualty of that war.   His mother, Rachel E.G. Staples, was one of Westwood's first Gold Star mothers.

     The Westwood Heritage Society has worked with the Borough of Westwood to more readily identify these streets and to draw the attention of the Borough's residents to the actions of these brave men and women who are an important part of the Borough's, and the nation's, history.

     As the first part of this ongoing project, on Veterans' Day (starting in 2004), the streets that have been named after these war heroes will be decorated with two small American flags, and in the future years, these flags will be placed on these streets on important veterans' related holidays, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day.

     In addition, these streets signs also have been by marked with a small gold star by the Westwood VFW Post 130.

     The following is a list of the Westwood veterans (the war in which they died) and the streets that were named in honor of them.

  • Henry G. Adickes (WW II) — Addicks Road *
  • John E. Campbell (WW II) — Campbell Place
  • Walter F. Carl (WW II) — Carl Place
  • Leonard P. Gritman (WW II) — Gritman Court
  • David C. Hooper (WW II) — David Hooper Place
  • William H. Hooper (WW II) — Hooper Street
  • Bobby Kaufman (WW II) — Kaufman Drive
  • Charles R. Kennedy (WW II) — Kennedy Terrace
  • Robert E. Langner (WW II) — Langner Place
  • Ralph W. Lester (WW I) — Lester Avenue
  • Earl R. Lockerby (WW II) &
    Gorden J.W. Lockerby (WW II) — Lockerby Lane
  • Chester H. McDaniell (WW II) — McDaniels Street *
  • Richard F. Nugent (Vietnam) — Nugent Place
  • Frank R. O'Donnell, Jr. (WW II) — O'Donnell Street
  • George J. O'Neill (WW II) — O'Neill Drive
  • John P. O'Toole (WW II) — O'Toole Street
  • Elizabeth A. Passmore (WW II) — Passmore Street
  • Marvin H. Polin (WW II) — Polin Place
  • Donald C. Repetti (WW II) — Repetti Street
  • John R. Sealy (WW II) — Sealy Street
  • James P. Siemers (WW II) — Siemers Lane
  • Clarence M. Staples (WW I) — Staples Drive
  • Joseph P. Whalen (WW II) — Whalen Court

    Note: * The name of the street was misspelled.

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