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[Mayor Isaac D. Bogert]
Mayor Isaac D. Bogert
(1894-1895, 1899-1902, 1908-1909)
     On Sunday, October 29, 2006 the portrait of Mayor Isaac D. Bogert, who was the first mayor of the Borough of Westwood in 1894 (pictured at left), was one of the more than twenty portraits that the Westwood Heritage Society unveiled at a Dedication Ceremony in the Council Chambers of the Westwood Municipal Complex.

  In addition to residents and current officials & employees of the Borough, several of the former mayors and their families were also present at the ceremony.

     Former mayors James Sealy, Charles Bellon, Robert Gardener, Henry Geier & Skip Kelley and the wife of former mayor William Woods and the son of former mayor John Stasse assisted the members of the Westwood Heritage Society with the unveiling of the official portraits.

     The Society began this "Mayor's Portraits" Project in 1995, following the end of the Borough's Centennial Celebration (1994).

     During the previous year, the Borough had completed the construction of the Westwood Municipal Complex (101 Washington Avenue) and moved its offices from the old Borough Hall (55 Jefferson Avenue) to the new facility.   At the time of the move, the Borough did not have any definite plans for the official portraits of the former mayors, which had hung in the old Borough Hall, and therefore, these important artifacts of the Borough's history were given into the care of the Westwood Heritage Society until such time as a plan could be formulated.

     During the years since receiving these portraits, the Society, working with local professionals at Westwood Gallery, undertook the cleaning and restoration of these official portraits and their frames.

     In addition, the Society researched the 'missing' portraits, and through contacts with the former mayors or their families sought to obtain suitable replacements for those portraits that were missing.

     In June 2006 (having completed work on the majority of the portraits), the Society made a presentation to the Borough Council about this project and recommended that the portraits be rehung in the Council Chambers of the Westwood Municipal Complex, where they would be on permanent display for viewing by the Borough's residents.   The Borough Council gave its unanimous approve to this recommendation, permitting the Society to move forward with the installation of the portraits.

     Even after receiving approval for the installation, the Society continued its research, in the hope of locating more of the 'missing' portraits, and during the time between the Council's approval and the actual installation, was able to obtain an additional five photographs.

     On the date of the ceremony, only four of the 28 former mayors of the Borough did not have their portraits unveiled.   Of those four, just prior to the ceremony, the Society had received one photograph which was being processed (enlarged and framed) and was to be installed soon after the ceremony.   In the case of two others, in 2007 the Society received photographs that were processed (enlarged and framed), and later installed in the Council Chambers.

     In the Summer of 2009, the Society was able to locate a suitable photograph of former Mayor Lindeman, the last of the 'missing' portraits, and it was processed (enlarged and framed) and installed in the Council Chambers of the Westwood Municipal Complex in the Fall of 2009, completely this multi-year project.

     With the completion of the installation of the former mayors' portraits, the Society turned its attention to the production of a small pamphlet, containing a tumbnail version of the portrait of each mayor and a listing of his term(s) of office. In addition, the pamphlet contains a reference guide to the location of each of the portraits in the Council Chambers.

     Printed versions of the pamphlet are available at the Westwood Municipal Complex and the Westwood Museum (train station).

To view and/or print 'The Former Mayors of The Borough of Westwood, NJ (1894 - 2003)' pamphlet, select the 'Former Mayors pamphlet' below.
     Former Mayors pamphlet (2 MB)

  • The pamphlet is designed to be printed on legal size (8.5 in. x 14 in.) paper in landscape format, and then folded in half and then in half again, forming a small pamphlet.

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