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Westwood Community Calendar

Westwood Community Calendar
(Printed version)

     With the goal of providing the residents of the Borough of Westwood with a 'one stop' source of information about upcoming local activities, in early 1992 the Westwood Heritage Society began to solicit input from the various civic, fraternal and religious organizations that were located within the Borough, or that conducted activities within the Borough.

     Based upon the input that was received, The Society created and distributed the first printed version of the free Westwood Community Calendar in February 1992.   This initial Calendar was a simple listing of a mere two (2) pages, but it was well received within the community.
[Westwood Community Calendar]
     The monthly Calendar was distributed to the participating organization (not only for the benefit of their members, but also to assist their activity committees with their future scheduling), and additional copies were also available for residents to pick up at the Westwood Public Library.

     In the following months, the number of local organizations contributing to the Westwood Community Calendar continued to increase, resulting in a six (6) page Calendar in December 1992.   In addition to the increase in the number of pages, the Calendar also underwent a makeover (the first of several) -- evolving from a simple listing of events to its more stylish calendar format.

     The contributions to the Calendar continued to increase through the months that followed, with the Calendar eventually expanding to more than 20 pages each month, with a direct monthly distribution to more than 100 organizations & individuals.

     Unfortunately, the very popularity of the free Westwood Community Calendar became a financial & logistical burden on The Society, and in the Autumn of 1997 it was necessary to temporarily suspend its widespread distribution, while a more efficient method of distribution was researched.

     Fortunately, this period coincided with the growth of the Internet, and this provided The Society with that 'more efficient' method for providing information about local events to the Borough's residents.

     It was determined that an 'on line' version of the Westwood Community Calendar would be more cost efficient for The Society, and in addition, it would allow more frequent updating of the information in the Calendar.   Therefore, preparations were began to convert the printed Calendar to an 'on-line' version, and in the Spring of 1999 The Society's website went 'on-line' with the new (but still familiar) Westwood Community Calendar.

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