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Bus Station Project

[First Taxi Stand]     Westwood's first taxi stand was located on the northwest corner of the current intersection of Broadway and Washington Avenue, by the railroad crossing.   (Note the Meyer's Park Hotel in the background.)
     Inter-city buses began serving the Borough on a regular basis about 1915, but passengers merely waited for the bus -- rain or shine -- at the corner of Broadway and Westwood Avenue.   Finally, in the early 1950s a permanent bus station was built on the site of the taxi stand, and passengers were able to wait for the bus, sheltered from the weather.

[Previous Bus Station]
Bus station in 1952

     However, the condition of this bus station deteriorate over the years, and in May 1990 the Westwood Heritage Society began a project that would refurbish the bus station, redesigning it in a style that was more in keeping with the Borough's heritage.

[Bus station during reconstruction]
Bus station during reconstruction

     The reconstruction project was performed by members of the Westwood Heritage Society and other residents & tradesmen of the Borough, who donated time, skills and materials.

[Refurbished bus station]
Refurbished bus station

     The project was completed in a period of approximately three months, and the refurbished (and redsigned) bus station has served residents and visitors for more than a decade.   (Note in the background The Iron Horse Restaurant -- the old Meyer's Park Hotel building.)

     The bus shelter was demolished in late August of 2008 in order to widen south bound Broadway -- providing a right turn lane to allievate traffic congestion.

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