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Westwood Museum
Westwood Museum
Westwood Public Library

     The 'Westwood Public Library' exhibit, which opened in November 2007, documents the history of the library, beginning with its brief existance as a reading room and continuing through the construction and renovations of the current facility.

     In 1893, the first version of the borough's library was opened as a reading room; however, due to lack of interest, this effort was short lived.

     In 1919, interest in a borough library was revived, and a new version was established in three rooms on the first floor of the Jacob Demarest house, which had been moved from Westwood Avenue to Center Avenue.

[First Library - Demarest house - 1919]
1919 - First Library - Demarest house

     This first library housed 1,287 books, many donated by residents, and was open to the public two days and one evening per week.

     During the following years, the library was often moved to new facilities -- three different locations -- before moving to its current location.   On December 29, 1938, Mayor Gustav Meyer, members of the library board and other officials held the official groundbreaking ceremony for a new library facility on Park Avenue.

[Groundbreaking Ceremony - 1938]
1938 - Groundbreaking Ceremony

     The Westwood Free Public Library officially opened in 1939, and remains at that same location today.

     Photographs and news reports of other periods in the history of the library are on display.


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