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Pascack Valley Hospital

     The 'Pascack Valley Hospital' exhibit, which opened in February 2007, documents the history of the hospital, beginning with the pre-World War II community efforts to improve the health care services in the Pascack Valley.

     In 1941 the Pascack Valley Hospital Association was formed to pursue, and plan for, a local hospital.   However, due to World War II, the community efforts were interrupted.   The campaign was revived in 1946, and later fundraising efforts were undertaken.

[First patient at PVH - 1959]
1959 - First patient at Pascack Valley Hospital

     As a result of this concerted community effort, groundbreaking took place 1957, and the hospital opened for patients in June 1959.

     Unfortunately, due to its current large debt burden, Pascack Valley Hospital filed for bankruptcy in the Fall of 2007, and officially ceased its operation at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 21, 2007.

[Final PVH Medical Staff - 2007]
2007 - Final PVH Medical Staff

     Photographs and news reports of other periods in the history of the hospital are on display.


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