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The Thomas Haring Family
Home & Business

     The 'Thomas Haring Family Home & Business' exhibit, which opened in December 2006, documents the family's business in Westwood and the history of changes to their home, which stood at the gateway to Westwood.

     The family's land, which was located just north of the current Broadway / Old Hook Road intersection on the west side of the current Kinderkamack Road, originally was owned by a member of the Bogert family, but passed into the possession of Thomas Haring with his marriage to Margahetta Bogert in the 1880s.   At that time, the land contained a farm house that was build in 1793.

     Following a trip to the South where they were greatly impressed with the architecture of the colonial mansions, in the early 1900s the Harings undertook the remodelling of their home, which stood on the northern end of their land just south of the current intersection with Jefferson Avenue, into a 17 room mansion, which became a showplace of Westwood.

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The Thomas Haring Home (1900s)

     In spite of local protests, the remodelled home was demolished in 1936, and the land is currently occuppied by an apartment complex.

     In addition to the photographs of the home during different phases of its existance and the history of the home, there are photographs and articles concerning the family business (e.g., The Haring's Hardware Store) on display.

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