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Former Mayors of Westwood

     The 'Former Mayors of Westwood' exhibit, which opened in November 2006, documents the recent events in the Society's multi-year project to restore & rededicate the official portraits of the former mayors of the Borough.
     On Sunday, October 29, 2006, the Society invited the residents, officials & employees of the Borough to join with many of the former mayors & their families to view the unveiling of these portraits in the Council Chambers of the Westwood Municipal Complex, where the portraits are now on permanent display.

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Former Mayors of Westwood - 1894-2003

  1. (1) Isaac D. Bogert, (2) Thomas G. Brickell, (3) Thomas E. Brickell, (4) Harry H. Goodwin, (5) Abraham B. Bogert
  2. (1) A. Frank Ward, (2) Irving T. Brickell, (3) Gustave Meyer, (4) Louis Ruckner, (5) Edwin G. Ringrose
  3. (1) Lucien Hooper, (2) Edwin Lindeman, (3) Fred M. Link, (4) Arthur Gelnaw, (5) Arthur A. Berdais
  4. (1) William J. Durgin, (2) William R. Steinbach, (3) John G. Stasse, (4) James G. Sealy, (5) William J. Woods
  5. (1) Charles A. Bellon, (2) Robert A. Gardner, (3) Henry G. Geier, (4) Bernard Kelley
     In addition to photographs of some of Westwood's first mayors, the exhibit also includes a chronology of the Borough's mayors, photographs that were taken during the work session for the installation of the portraits in the Council Chambers, and photographs that were taken during the unveiling ceremony.

For more information about the Mayor's Portraits Project.

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