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Westwood House Hotel

     The 'Westwood House Hotel' exhibit, which opened in January 2006, provides an historic record of the changes that have occurred on the block at the northeast corner of Westwood Avenue and Broadway (formerly Railroad Avenue), diagonally across the intersection from the Westwood Train Station.

     For example, the Westwood House Hotel, built in 1870 by A.B. Bogert, was the first hotel in Westwood.

[Westwood House Hotel]
Westwood House Hotel

     The Westwood House Hotel was operated by Genest M. Ottignon and provided lodging for visitors who arrived in the Borough on the recently extended Erie Railroad line.   The hotel continued to serve visitors to Westwood until 1921 when it was replaced by the Tassini Building.

     The Westwood Gallery building currently occupies the site of the Westwood House Hotel.

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